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Features of Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans
Features of Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans

We are experts in designing mortgage solutions to accommodate Jumbo Loan amounts.

  • Diverse selection of mortgage options

  • Additional options available through Portfolio Loans

  • Loan amounts up to $25 million or more are considered

  • Up to 90% financing on certain purchase loans

  • Expanded underwriting flexibility

  • Programs with interest-only options

  • Unique properties and financial structures considered

  • Non-Resident Alien programs available

What Are Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans?

A home loan amount that is higher than the conforming loan limit ($484,350 in most US counties and as high as $726,525 in some high-cost areas), is generally considered a Jumbo Loan. If the loan amount exceeds $1,000,000, it is a Super Jumbo Loan. Jumbo Loan programs can provide additional flexibility for borrowers.

Jumbo Loans are a frequent finance option for primary residences, second homes, vacation homes, and investment properties. In addition, Jumbo Loans can be used to refinance existing home loans or convert multiple loans on a property into one loan.

Why is Axos Bank known as a Jumbo Loan expert?

  • Our Jumbo Loan team is very familiar with the luxury home market.
  • We have specially designed loan programs for Jumbo Loan purchases.
  • Our loan underwriters are experienced with complex financial structures.
  • We offer Fixed Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and Interest-Only Mortgage solutions.
  • Programs available through the Jumbo Loan product include Asset Utilization, Pledged Assets up to 90% of home’s value and Cross Collateralization up to 100% of home’s value.

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