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Close on Time – Guarantee

Our Close-of-Escrow Guarantee is available to homebuyers nationwide, based on the general guidelines and excursions listed below. Move faster and save more with our $0 Lender Fee1 offer, an average savings of $2,500.2

General Guidelines

  • The guarantee applies exclusively to a purchase loan for a single family home.
  • Your loan application date must be at least 30 days before the close-of-escrow date on your fully executed purchase contract.
  • We must receive the fully executed purchase contract within 24 hours of your application date.
  • You must execute the initial loan disclosures within 48 hours of email receipt.
  • You must submit all loan conditions to us within 48 hours of any request.
  • Closing documents must be executed by you within 24 hours of their delivery to escrow.
  • The appraisal must be scheduled within 5 days of your application date.
  • The inspection must be done at least 15 days before your close-of-escrow date.


  • Short sales, new home construction, refinance loans and Home Equity transactions are not eligible.
  • Any delay caused by unforeseen appraisal issues voids the guarantee.
  • Properties that require repairs or additional inspections based on the appraisal are not eligible.
  • Loans having pricing or guideline exceptions are not eligible.
  • Loans with amounts of $1 million or more are not eligible
  • Loans that require more than one appraisal are not eligible.
  • Any delay caused by weather or an act of God voids the guarantee.
  • Any deviation from the stated guidelines voids the guarantee.

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