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Potential Benefits

  • Fewer monthly payments to make
  • Consolidating a second mortgage with the primary loan
  • Ability to pay off debts sooner
  • Reduced total monthly expenditures
  • Improved balance between income and expenses

Is refinancing to consolidate debt right for me?

If you have equity in your home and high-interest debt, a Cash-Out Refinance to consolidate your debt may make sense. It’s an option when you want to lower your monthly expenditures, reduce the amount you pay in interest or replace numerous payments with the convenience of a single monthly payment.

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Can I refinance to consolidate my mortgages?

If you have equity in your home, a refinance may be an option to consolidate your primary and secondary mortgages. Some of the potential benefits may include:

  • A lower average interest rate
  • A lower combined monthly mortgage payment
  • The option for a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan

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