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Direct Checking Non interest bearing Non interest bearing
Interest Checking 0.40% 0.40%
Premier Checking Up to 1.14% Up to 1.15%
Business Checking Non interest bearing Non interest bearing
Business Savings Up to 0.30% Up to 0.30%
Regular Savings 1.29% 1.30%
Business Money Market Up to 0.23% Up to 0.30%
Money Market Plus Up to 1.54% Up to 1.55%
Associate Money Market Plus Up to 1.59% Up to 1.60%

CD Terms

Earn up to 2.90% APY*, 1. Grow your money and reach your savings goals with competitive interest rates, guaranteed returns, and absolutely no market risk. Plus your deposits are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowable limits.
CD Terms
Term APY*,1
3 month CD 0.75% Open an account
6 month CD 1.55% Open an account
9 month CD 1.75% Open an account
12 month CD 2.70% Open an account
18 month CD 2.80% Open an account
24 month CD 2.90% Open an account
36 month CD 2.45% Open an account
48 month CD 2.50% Open an account
60 month CD 2.56% Open an account